Windows Defender Data

To collect the Windows defender data, we’ll be using below input stanza to collect the data. This data collection requires TA for Microsoft Windows Defender for data parsing and field extraction.

Enable the input stanzas below for the Microsoft Windows Defender TA. Both stanzas are located in the inputs.conf file (create a local directory if necessary):

[WinEventLog://Microsoft-Windows-Windows Defender/Operational] 
index = windefender 
disabled = 0 
renderXml = 1 

Note: Windows Defender logs are only tested in XML format (see renderXml = 1 in inputs.conf stanza).

Estimated Data Size

The estimated data size depends on the number of hosts that are sending Windows Defender data.

  • Events: 150-300 per Windows machine (daily)
  • Licensing: < 5MB per Windows machine (daily)

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