Sophos Endpoint Protection Data

The Sophos Central Splunk Add-on is required to collect Sophos Endpoint Protection data.

Splunkbase Download:

Installation and Configuration Guide:

How to Install and Configure the Sophos Central Add-on:

  1. Install the Add-on on the Heavy Forwarder.

  2. Configure the Add-on on the Heavy Forwarder.
    • Configure the Application.
    • Create an index named sophos or update the macro definition in the Cyences app (Settings > Configuration).
  3. Install the Add-on on the Search Head.

Estimated Data Size

The Sophos Central Add-on consumes around 60-80MB of license usage per day.

The total amount of data varies based on the size of your organization (our calculations are based on organizations with around thirty users and a few workstations).

Sophos Central Metadata through API

Cyences version 1.6 utilizes Sophos Central API to collect information about Sophos endpoints. The Sophos Central API data is being used in a number of places throughout the Cyences app, including the Device Inventory dashboard.

Sophos Central API Configuration

  1. Login to Sophos Central Parner portal.

  2. Click Settings & Policies.

  3. Click on the API Credentials link.

  4. Add a new set of credentials.

  5. Provide a name and description for your credential set, then click Add.

  6. Click the Copy button at the end of the Client ID.

  7. Click Show Client Secret.

  8. Refer to the Sophos Central documentation link below for further assistance.

Sophos Central API Configuration for Cyences

  1. From Cyences’ navigation bar, go to Cyences Settings > Cyences App Configuration > Sophos Central API Configuration.

  2. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret for Sophos Central API Configuration.

  3. Click Save.


How to verify the Sophos Central API configuration:

  1. From Cyences’ navigation bar, click Search.

  2. Run the following search query:

     | sophosinstancedetails all_endpoints=True 
  3. If the search results return/s any errors, then there is something wrong with the configuration.

  4. A successful configuration will display the total number of events with no errors.


Estimated Data Size

Data collected from Sophos will be stored in a KV Store lookup, so it will not affect your Splunk license.

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