This portal is designed for security professionals to create and improve upon the development of a security App on Splunk. This app will include many detection tools, hacker tactics, techniques, and procedures to share for free on Splunkbase. CrossRealms is excited to announce the May release of the Cyences App 1.4.0! The new version integrates the Asset Intelligence dashboard allowing organizations to see the complete picture about a particular device. The new version features more alerts and reports for Office 365 and Active Directory plus enhancements for improved visibility and search filters. Members are invited to participate in test/dev and end-user testing.

The following diagram outlines what is being developed for the App for the first year. Flowing from left to right, the first column indicates where customer systems reside, followed by the methods Splunk uses to collect, correlate, and enrich the data. The two columns following that is the MITRE attack framework and the additional Cyber Defenses we intend to inject/add/overlay using honeypots, ML, AI, and others to close the loop. 

Watch the creators of the DeTT&CT framework